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HDMI Cable

HDMI is the most popular audio/video connection The HDMI signal carries digital A/V at resolutions up to 4k & is the digital replacement for analog video standards. In addition to affordable HDMI cables, C&C also provides Mini-HDMI, connectors, adapters, and extenders for various applications.

Our HDMI cables are, like all of our other products, designed with the best in quality and performance for years of use. We have a variety of bulk HDMI cables for large configurations and commercial applications, including high-speed with Ethernet HDMI cables, micro HDMI cables, and HDMI extension cables. We also have many in-wall and plenum HDMI cable options that are specifically designed for fire-safe use in plenum and wall applications. These cables meet the latest HDMI specifications set by the HDMI Standards Committee.

You can use an HDMI adapter for TVs that need to be converted to mini HDMI, DVI, and other connector types. We also have a large selection of HDMI to DVI cables that can be used to connect to a DVI-D or DVI-I digital flat panel as well as home theater devices, like DVD players and projectors. If you want to run uncompressed HD signals from source devices to a TV up to 100 meters away, then you’ll need one of our HDBaseT HDMI extenders. Last but not least, don’t forget to check out our selection of HDMI switches for even more flexibility hooking up your HD devices.

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